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In einem Hochtal inmitten der traumhaften Berglandschaft der Tonkinesischen Alpen liegt Sa Pa. In der Provinz Lao Cai. Wenn man eine Tour hierher plant, muss man von Hanoi aus mit drei Tagen rechnen. Einen hin, einen zurück und einen für den Ort. Man sieht hier ein komplett anderes Gesicht Vietnams. Reisterrassen, Stelzenhäuser, Albino Wasserbüffel und Bergvölker. Der höchste Gipfel Vietnams (3143m) kann man dort besteigen. Denkt daran warme Kleidung mitzunehmen. Die Abende sind wirklich kühl.

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"Foreigners were arriving in lemming-like hoards and Fridays were conspicuous for the nose-to-tail buses that lined the market street." "A general air of boom-town money and shoddy, hurried workmanship hung over the piles of homemade bricks and construction materials that littered the sidewalks and backyards. Worst of all, every relationship seemed adversarial. The guesthouse owners disliked each other, the Vietnamese disdained the minorities, and everyone was trying to wring the last dollar out of the transient tourists before sending them back to Hanoi. Even the dogs were uniformly mean."

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"The best time to witness the scenic beauty of Sapa is in April and May. Before that period, the weather might be cold and foggy; after that period is the rainy season..." Fotos von Sa Pa  - Schöne Fotos!
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Sapa is an old French hill station, nestled among the Hoang Lien Son Mountains near the Chinese border. Because of its situation near the tallest montain range in Vietnam, it is possibly the most scenic mountain location in Vietnam. The members of the Black Hmong ethnic minority are very present in town, and other ethnic minorities come for the weekly market. See the travel story and practical information in A visit to the Montagnards of Vietnam.